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My name is Georgina, but you can call me "G" and I am the face and big booty behind "The Red Fox Celebrant" and I have been sent here to rock your weddings ass! Whilst also becoming your new bestie *wink wink*

Based in the South-East, (but happy to travel anywhere in the UK and beyond) I am a wedding celebrant who creates bespoke, one of a kind, full of fun and love wedding ceremonies for couples looking to break away from the norm and elevate their wedding day. 

When it comes to a celebrant led wedding, anything goes! Seriously... the only limit is your imagination. 
It's your day, so do it your way.

Fill it with love, personalisation, giggles and so much more. Every ceremony is written completely from scratch and tells your story. It only includes what you want it to and gives you complete freedom to have the ceremony of your dreams. Make your guests feel all the goddamn feels and take them on the journey of your love story.

In the majority of the UK, you can only get legally married in licensed venues and have a "one size fits all" ceremony conducted by the registrar from the local council (EW!) It lacks the freedom to have a personalised ceremony that truly reflects you as a couple and restricts you from having your ceremony take place in a location that means something to you. To get round this, couples are now opting to do the basic legal bit separately (for as little as £100 at their local registry office) so that on their wedding day, celebrating with friends and family, they can have a completely personalised ceremony in a location

of their choice. No restrictions. Complete freedom. More room for love! This is where I come in... *ENTER GEORGINA!* Unlike a registrar led wedding, I get to know you as a couple before the day, which enables me to create a ceremony completely unique to you both, full of personal things to you. Want to quote your favourite movies or shows? Want to tell your love story and include the embarrassing bits? Fancy a sing-a-long or rap battle? Want to play charades with your guests? Want to create a flash mob? Want to get married on top of a mountain? Or a little row boat on a lake? How about getting your furry friends involved?! ANYTHING... literally anything is possible with a celebrant led wedding and I'm here to make your wedding ceremony dreams come true. Reach out and lets chat weddings over a coffee, nibbles or even a pornstar martini! 

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