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Hi! my name is Georgina and I am obsessed with weddings.

As far back as I can remember I have been obsessed with weddings. Like seriously. I would create wedding dresses out of toilet paper for my Barbies and I spent hours making little bouquets for them to hold out of playdoh, and not meaning to brag... but I got really good at it. 


When it finally came time to organising my own wedding day, It really opened my eyes to the industry as a whole and how wonderfully creative and expressive it is. I fell in love and adored every second of my planning, resulting in a real lightbulb moment. My dream was to work in the wedding industry. 

In researching how to make my own wedding ceremony unique, I stumbled upon the term "Celebrant" and read up on how these magical fairies can make your wedding ceremony kickass! I loved the idea so much, I booked "Bex The Celebrant" for our special day. Working with her made me realise becoming a celebrant was the goal. She's my celebrant mama and supported me in my dream of becoming a celebrant in my own right! #womensupportingwomen

So here I am... still as obsessed with weddings as I ever was and probably even more so now! Organising them, planning them, DIY'ing them, creating mood boards for them, you name it... anything wedding related and I'm all over that like a rash!


I'm an extroverted gal, so no issues speaking in front of a large crowd. I'm a creative Capricorn, so I can help you not just with your ceremony planning, but I can give lots of other handy wedding tips too. I'm a social butterfly and love making friends, so I'll have no issues mingling with your guests before the ceremony and getting to know good old Uncle Bob and Great Aunt Susan! Seriously though when it comes to the elderly... THEY LOVE ME. I can talk about coupons and knitting for days son! That's right, you're looking at a senior queen. 

A celebrant will conduct the most intimate part of your day so choose someone who feels like a friend and who gets to know the real you.

I'm loud, outgoing, extra as fuck, creative and always laughing. lets have a non-obligation chat and see if i'm the right fit for you. if not, then no worries babe but if i am... i can't wait to marry you and be besties for years to come!  

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