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vow renewal ceremony

It doesn't matter if it's been 1 year or 40 years! If you want to celebrate your love all over again then i'm all for it! Maybe you want the personalised ceremony you never knew existed before? Maybe since your original wedding, you have had kids and now want to relive the magic of your day and include them? Maybe you have reached a anniversary milestone and want to re-marry in front of friends and family? Regardless of the reason, get me involved and lets celebrate your love all over again! 

Baby Naming ceremony

A Baby Naming Ceremony is a wonderful non-religious alternative to a Christening.  It allows you to hold a completely personalised celebration for your new addition to the family. Like all my ceremonies, you have total freedom with what you want to include in your ceremony. Baby photo slideshow? Baby games? Family vow to support the new parents? Guardians instead of God-parents? We can make it happen! 

A naming ceremony doesn't just have to be for new born's! If you have a child coming into the family through adoption, change of guardianship, step children through marriage or any reason at all where you want to celebrate the addition, we can create a naming ceremony to welcome them to your home and family. 

business launch ceremony

You've worked tirelessly to create your own business and after all those late nights and long hours, it's your grand opening day! Rather than just walk into your new premises and start work, you may want to celebrate your new venture and the hard work it took to get there with a ceremony. You can invite your friends, family, suppliers, employees and new customers to the grand launch and I can create an opening ceremony for you. The ceremony can also be an effective marketing tool by announcing to the world, your venture has begun. The ceremony can tell the story of your dream and determination, your plans for the future, mission statement and so much more!  

IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER KIND OF CEREMONY IN MIND THAT I haven't featured here, it doesn't mean i won't do it! The more unique the better, so get in touch and I can offer a bespoke quote for your special event.

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